REMARK is a leading direct mail producer in Ukraine. We are proud to have leading telecommunication operators, banks, collection agencies, direct mail and marketing Ukrainian companies among our customers. We are repeatedly executing distribution of mailings for governmental institutions: Pension Fund of Ukraine, Central Election Committee. We cooperate with the biggest telecommunication and internet operator – Ukrtelekom as well.

We apply latest innovations in printing technologies and use European materials, involve highly experienced staff and have a diverse portfolio of orders, which results in the highest quality of performance in shortest possible terms. Projects carried out by us are FAST and EFFICIENT. We provide full control of workflow and offer a complete range of printing options of high-quality options for all your project needs: from data management through printing and packaging to distribution at optimal postage cost.

REMARK is a professional partner for companies and institutions in the field of direct mailing production, being able to handle projects of all sizes and specifications, backed with the latest in print technology.

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Our company’s scope is outsourcing of business processes in the field of printing and logistics. Delegation of these tasks will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your organization in a whole and to release the appropriate time, financial and human resources to develop your business in new areas or focus on improving of the existing processes.

Your benefits

We offer our profound experience and direct mail production services to:

  • Reduce and optimize your costs (expenses for salaries, postages, etc.)
  • Application of high quality and performance European equipment, knowledge and materials
  • Achieve tax savings
  • Produce your order in short terms and fulfill an efficient delivery
  • Increase the quality of your products or services
  • Allow you to focus on the core business of the company
  • Guide your company's internal resources for other meaningful purposes

REMARK always has a right solution for you:

  • Full service from a single source
  • Concept development
  • Data processing
  • Personalization
  • Full color printing of letters, notifications, applications, invitations and other inserts
  • Production of bills, newspapers, catalogs and brochures, letterheads
  • Production and delivery of Self-Mailers and Enveloped mail pieces
  • Delivery and reporting

Our capabilities:

  • Printing and personalization - over 3 000 000 A4 sheets per day
  • Production of Enveloped mailings - over 500 000 pcs per day
  • Manufacturing of Self-Mailers - over 3 000 000 pcsper day

We are able to act flexibly according to the dynamic market and competitive conditions. We are focused on meeting customer’s requirements in terms of technically challenging and unusual print tasks. To improve business communication we develop our solutions through a permanent interaction with our customers.

We always have a unique offer for you!


  • Direct Mailing

    The main tool of direct marketing, which is based on direct personal communication with the recipient of the message: Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B), for the purpose of building professional relationships and gaining profits.

    Direct marketing approaches the customer as an individual, involves feedback, and doesn’t involve any help of information intermediaries. We don’t just want our mailings to arrive, we also want them to make the desired impact on the recipient. That is why we support you in developing efficient communication concepts.

    We can produce direct mailing products in a form of Self-Mailers and Enveloped postages and deliver them via the most convenient way for you.

    With our state-of-the-art mailing software and addressing equipment, we not only save you time and eliminate the hassle, we can get your mailing directly to your customers faster and for less money.

  • Self-Mailer

    Self-Mailer is a cost-effective marketing tool to deliver personal data for each particular destination, with subsequent folding and sizing. This technology allows reducing postal costs due to the absence of the envelope. With a self-mailer, you kill two birds with one stone and send your message as a flyer.

    Due to the fact that you need less job steps the manufacturing costs can be reduced significantly.

  • Collection letters and Notifications

    Many businesses face dealing with customers who have outstanding accounts or unpaid bills.

    Polite and carefully designed collection/demand letter are a good way to remind customers of what they might have missed and keep them informed without leaving any bad taste. The contents of such letters are often dependent upon the type of relationship that you maintain with your customers.

    The goal of these letters should be to retain customer goodwill as well as to encourage prompt payment.

    Delivery of your letters via Direct Mail allows you collecting more payments in less time with less effort. We understand that debt collection organizations are looking for the most cost effective methods of distribution of notifications and we have solutions to meet such needs.

  • Billing

    We produce and deliver notifications, bills and invoices to your clients.

    Personal information could be both: applied as a text (name, address, etc.) and/or a graphic design, based on the requirements of the customer. Special marks for automatic packing machine and barcodes can also be applied on the stage of processing of the information in case if further automatic packaging into envelopes needed.

    Regardless of the volume – no matter too big or too small – the quality of our performance is guaranteed.

  • Newspapers

    The main advantage of a high-speed digital printing role machine OCE Vario Stream 8550 Twin is that paper density starting from 40 grams per square meter could be used for printing. This allows to use newsprint paper and to compete with offset printing starting from even 1 sample.

    Our technologies allow manufacturing your newspapers within one day.

    Application of this technology results in minimum time expenditures and costs for production, which provide low net cost of products along with high efficiency.

  • Catalogs & Brochures

    First impact means everything, especially when it comes to your corporate style. If you want to obtain excellent impression and get fruitful feedback - make your product catalog or booklet memorable with us.

    Your distinctly unique marketing materials can be a key tool in your marketing toolbox in today's highly-competitive business environment. This will enable you to differ from the rest of your competitors and grab the interest of current and potential customers.

    We offer custom catalog printing sizes, formats and papers as well as additional custom finishing that can be used to create unique and successful designs and shapes. Using of high-speed digital printing machines minimizes the time and costs in production.

    Despite the complexity of your ideas and intentions we can help embody your concepts into professional quality images and materials.

    We'll handle all of the technical details leaving you free to create a catalog that SELLS.

  • Letterheads and Forms

    We are also capable for producing corporate blanks, type of printed products, presented in a form of a standard sheet of paper of a certain format with constant and variable data reproduced on it.

    Design of your corporate forms and blanks may be developed by our specialists, with further printing and delivery to your office in short terms.

    No matter the scope or scale of your project, our professionals will create outstanding products using the latest printing and designing technologies.

    We'll find the right solution for your custom printing project from a wide selection of products and options and create a look that is as unique as your business.


  • Concept development

    To stay identifiable and to be considered serious and professional by customers every company needs unique marketing materials that will capture attention of target audience which in future will bring the required feedback.

    Our experienced creative team will develop a sophisticated approach to design subject to implement in your mailings. We focus on implementation of your wishes and ideas while developing the concept. Bring in your press-ready projects or work with our certified designers to send the right message with custom finishing.

    From black and white and full-color printing to large format, Remark will support you throughout all the way. Contact us today to find the solution that would best reflect your vision.

    With us you get more.

  • Data processing

    Successful fulfillment of your orders is carried out by applying specially developed database-tools. Your texts, images, contacts and logos are stored securely on our server and may be accessed only through password-protected input of the authorized users.

    Our data management team specializes in collecting, formatting and managing every piece of data submitted by the customer.

    We aim to make our clients’ mailings targeted and efficient with constant data processing including regular suppression and enhancement – reducing mailing volumes and costs.

    We have a number of communication and data transferring protected channels that we negotiate will determined upon your needs and requirements. We give you optimum protection.

    We are proud to be one stop solution for your direct mail needs.

  • Design

    Remark can help deploy your concepts into professional quality images and materials, no matter at what stage you are in the design process:

    • Logos and letterhead
    • Posters and banners
    • Instructional and training materials
    • Complete corporate identity kits

    We offer:

    • Consulting. We ensure your direct mailings to reach its target audience. Ask us how to increase its efficiency via design development.
    • Logo. It is the sign of your company or your product and refers to corporate style. Together we will develop the best suitable logo for your company or product according to your wishes and ideas.
    • Graphic Design and planning for your mailings. We develop targeted design proposals, combining visual requirements with functional demands based on your specific tasks and demands. We prepare a maquette of your bill, invoice, brochure or notification. Ask us, we will advise you.
    • Ideas and creativity for one-off projects or entire campaigns.
  • Personalization

    Personalization of your mailings is of essential importance for building and maintaining long lasting customer relationships, as they will be directly addressed and therefore perceived as individual.

    Personalization may imply recipient’s name, a personalized image (as an eye-catching element), attaching some vouchers or discounts the recipient can redeem in one of the advertised branches, charts and graphs, and anything else as with today's digital printing technology, the scope of personalization is limitless.

    Personalization creates an emotional connection with the client that can lead to better engagement; better engagement leads to better sales.

    We print addresses and personal data styling in letters, on envelopes, invoices, catalogs, brochures, folders and flyers. All these and many other products can be produced on state-of-the-art digital color printing machines which we have in operation.

    Talk to your customer directly.

  • Print

    REMARK is a market leader in the field of direct mail digital printing.

    A special feature of digital printing is the true "personalization" of your mailings. Our goal: Target your audience and prospects more efficiently by reaching them through current, eye-catching and personalized print.

    We use European materials and equipment, involve highly experienced staff and have a diverse portfolio of orders, which results in the highest quality of work in the shortest possible terms.

    From black and white and full-color printing to large format, Remark will support you throughout all the way.

    We can handle projects of all sizes and specifications, backed with the latest in print technology. Contact us today to learn more about the print management solutions that will work best for your organization.

  • Hybrid Mail

    In medium and large enterprises’ mailings are often too small for outsourcing, but are so labor-intensive, that a whole workday is lost, plus hidden expenses, inefficient deployed staff and other postal grief.

    Hybrid mail allows customers to send letters in a digital format and recipients to receive the letters physically in envelopes.

    You can combine all the advantages of paper post with all the comforts of digital sending. The only thing left to do is prepare your letter or invoice as usual and print it to the on-line printer. Our software retrieves the address from the document and sends the letter with the address through to our server. The server will sort the mail according to country and postal or zip code, and then your letter will be printed, inserted into the envelope and moved further along the production line within hours.

    All the work you normally do to send out the mail can be taken out of your hands. Let us and our partners BlueMailCentral do it for you!

  • Delivery and reporting

    Delivery is performed according to the country of destination. Our logistics and shipping department will carry out full logistical support of your project.

    Furthermore, we also consider the quality management as well as warehousing and inventory management. We offer full service from a single supplier.

    Remark takes the headaches and expenses out of postal operator/ courier services usage – we will help you to consider and design mail pieces to avoid the extra surcharges while posting. We will take care of documents required for forwarding mailings to post / courier offices, including postal registers and reporting documents (registered letter, letter with notification). We ensure fastest possible delivery and lowest possible postage price.

    Save postage and speed delivery time with us.


We are looking for an experienced, initiative person to offer a position of Manager of European Representative Office of Remark in Germany.

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